Election Words

Ever wondered what you should be talking about if you want to get elected to congress in a particular state? This maps shows you the words that are spoken mostly by the representatives that got re-elected the most, so you get an idea of what are the good themes where you are running for office.

You can view this project on github at here.

More technically, what I do is using the API of the Sunlight Foundation to retrieve both the words that each represenative in congress said since 1996 and how many times they have been elected. Then I weight accordingly to find out the best words to say in order to get re-elected.

This is a very preliminary test and more work needs to be done (I will!). For example I could not retrieve any data for Montana, Lousiana and North Dakota.

Please feel free to modify this project and let me know if anything interesting (or anything stupid that I have done) comes up.

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