Roberto Gobbetti

Mon 04 August 2014


Election Words

Ever wondered what are the best topic to talk about if you want to get elected in congress? And how do they change from state to state? I did and I tried to answer with this little project of mine.

I checked who are the folks tha get re-elected a lot in congress and what they talk about. To do that I used again some resources from the Sunlight Foundation together with some wikipedia entry (I had to pin down all the people that have passed through congress in the past 20 years somehow).

This analysis is totally preliminary and can be improved a lot, but it already shows something. First of all it is clear that one has to talk about their own regional problems (cities and boroughs are popular choices). Hovering around the map some topic of federal interest show up: obamacare, fracking, clean energy, iraq. On the other hand it is also clear that certain topics are regional: gambling in the south, HIV in big cities, fishing in the very North East.

Most importantly though, can anybody explain to me the deal between South Carolina and Bulgaria?

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